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Southern Upholstery.

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Southern Upholstery.  

Southern Upholstery.
  Car Upholstery

Southern Upholstery. Seats, Doors & Carpets

Many cars have embossed logos, lines, or emblems in the seat leather or vinyl. We can duplicate all of these. Take a look at some of our fine work.

Leather upholstery is made using all leather for the facing of the seats with matching leather for the sides and backs of the seats. Cloth, vinyl, leather, door panels, custom embossing, head liners, carpets, and boot linings.

  Leather, Vinyl & Cloth Upholstery

Southern Upholstery. Leather
All leather is custom ordered to provide the customer with an exact match to the car's original leather color and grain. Samples will be sent to the customer for approval before leather is fitted.

If your car has a vinyl interior or has vinyl and cloth, you're in luck. We stock all colors and all grains for most cars.
If you can't find it here, call or email us.

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